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    Few days later, one of them died of excessive exposure to radiation.
No guidelines have been set to handle materials; what rules exist, are flouted with impunity by scrap dealers ignorant of law and health issues.

To avoid catastrophes like these, it becomes imperative that e-waste management is handled responsibly, in order to reduce the impact on environment and to prevent hazardous chemicals and material getting mixed up in water, soil and air resulting in serious pollution hazards.

To this end, Nobel Technology has entered into e-waste agreement i.e  reuse of electronic parts, spares & re-assembling of computer, with the government of Karnataka. The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board has given us approval and set the limit to 300MT/A.
 Our team of experienced and skillful personnel segregate the usable and non-usable parts, that are otherwise left to accumulate in heaps at landfills in unhygienic conditions, adding to the pollution. 

It is our endeavour to keep the environment clean and safe place for us and the future generation.

Come, join hands with us.

G Nagendra, a diploma holder in Computer hardware technology started Nobel Technology ten years back with the sole aim of preserving Mother Earth's limited natural resources while ensuring that waste generated by IT companies does not get mixed with municipal solid waste, thereby adding to the hazards e-waste exposes the common man.

The revenue generated from reused and recovered equipment is a bonus.

Nobel Technology has also generated employment opportunity, recruiting ... (here, let them give some number of employees) experienced and highly skilled personnel.