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We are into the computer servicing industry for the past decade, specialising in repair and after-service of computer and related electronic equipment.
Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, generates a fair amount of e-waste that is hazardous to health.
In April, 2010 four people working in a Mayapuri scrapyard in Delhi were seriously injured when they were exposed to radioactive element gamma cell, found in equipment left behind at the Delhi University research lab, to be shifted to the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Mumbai, which never happened. The equipment was auctioned off in February.

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Did you Know?


Did you know? India is the second largest generator of e-waste in Asia. Did you know? India generates more than 3.8 lakh tonnes of e-waste annually. Of it, 50,000 tonnes are imported from countries

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E-Waste Generator
India is the second largest e-waste generator in Asia.

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